We have emerged as a fast growing logistic & Transportation service provider to the various domestic industrial houses of different states. We have served various industries through our Specialized solution in logistical planning, handling, shifting and large scale bulk transportation of materials such as Earth, Sand, Stone-Aggregates, Iron Ore, Limestone, Dolomite, Bauxite, Quartzite, Manganese, Cement, Coal, all type of Finished and Non-Finished goods, Packed, Loose, Containerized, Non-Containerized, Open, Bulk, Bagged through ROAD, RAIL and WATER.


Our expertise in bulk Raw Material movement is recognized by various Industries and we feel proud to take the responsibilities of moving their Raw material during our 9 years of services in transportation. We are doing a good volume of business with healthy and honest environment.



We are in  Distribution, Railway Liasioning, Handling and Road Transportation for the establishment of smooth supply chain networking.  We have well versed knowledge of planning, movement of bulk supply to the strategic location timely, to reduce cost of transportation and inventories.