Our company is handling demand of our valuable customers, professionally and efficiently in India. Our supply includes Imported and Indigenous Coal. We have good relations with end consumers so we trade them successfully Imported and Indigenous coal.Our customers comprise of big and small units of high repute of core sector industries like Power Plants, Cement Plants, Sponge Plants, Steel Plants, Paper Plants, Copper Plants, Aluminum Plants and also the various small scale industries in addition to the brick manufacturers.



Our main focus is to establish close rapport with consumers to

meet their demands and offer superior value propositions. We

try our best to offer Rock  Bottom Prices for all varieties of coal

including  Imported  Coal;  Indigenous  Coal e.g.  Coking  Coal,

Non-Coking  Coal,  Steam Coal,  Washed Coal,  Reject  Coal on

spot and long terms basis in Bulk & Small quantity. 

We carry  with long  experience in dealing with coal, effective liaisoning

with Authorities of Coal India Limited and its subsidiary companies. We

have  Logistics  &  Transport  department,  which  handle  such type of

material very efficiently and technically. We take liability for sustainable

timely supply.


Our commitments are:

1.      To supply Imported & Indigenous coal

2.      To Coking and Non-Coking Coal

3.      To supply coal in bulk & small quantity

4.      To offer Rock Bottom Rates

5.      To undertake coal handling with full commitment


Note:- We offer our Licence for auction at Mahanadi Coal limited (Orissa)

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